Thank you!

Thank you again to everyone who donated! Below are some photos of the GoTo Seat that your donations went towards purchasing. This seat helps the children immensely by allowing them to be in many places they might not be able to otherwise. This seat can be used on swings, in planes, at restaurants, and especially in therapy sessions to allow for greater mobility and range of motion. 

As you can see, it certainly put a smile on Camden's face! 


Raffle winner announced! 

Thank you to everyone who donated! 

Thank you to everyone who donated! We raised $736 for ARC Broward Preschool! This gave them enough funds to purchase a specialty chair for the children with disabilities. 

You helped to make an immediate impact in the lives of many children this holiday season! We will post more photos soon!

Thanks to Annie for helping with the raffle! The name pulled was Heather! Congrats Heather - hope you enjoy your basket!






Woofie is a certified therapy dog and has been visiting disabled or ill children and adults in centers throughout Broward since 2011. Woofie and Suzie are a volunteer team with Share-A-Pet, a non-profit group that serves schools, retirement centers, hospitals, and other similar centers throughout South Florida. Woofie and Suzie have visited children at Broward Children's Center, and adults at Woodhouse Center. 

Currently, Woofie and Suzie visit ARC Broward where they work with the therapists to help preschool aged children reach their goals in speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. They also visit ARC Broward adult center, which is located right next to the preschool. Woofie soon hopes to expand his visits to PACE for girls in Broward. Be sure to visit Woofie's World page often to see more photos being added of Woofie and his friends! 

Woofie would like to inspire more dogs and cats to be volunteers! He realizes that it takes time and a willing human partner, but he promises that the rewards are worth it. Please visit Share-A-Pet at their website for additional information on how to get involved!  

If you can't find the time to get involved you could always help in the way of a donation to any of these worthy centers: ARC Broward, Broward Children's Center.

Woofie shares his life with Suzie and Odie in Pompano Beach, Florida. On his days off from Suzie's Place he enjoys long walks near the beach and chewing coconuts in his backyard. But his love of people and the joy of giving to them is at the top of his list! 


To see Woofie in action at ARC Broward Preschool, please check out this cable TV program that features Woofie from Suzie's Place! 


Here are some photos of Woofie doing what he loves to do ... share his love with everyone! 


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